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CO2 Welding Assembly

CO2 Welding Assembly

We are manufacturing all types of Ferrous Welding assembly. We take the design from our client & manufacturing them products as per design of products. Features like best quality material, size, types, etc.
Detailed Description

Production Facilities:

  • Mechanical Power Press M/C: 18 Nos. (Range 10 Tones to150 Tones)
  • Facing M/c: 03 Nos.
  • Drilling M/c, Tapping M/c, TIG Welding M/C.


Tool Room Facilities:

  • CNC Wire Cut M/C:   3 Nos.
  • VMC M/C: 1 Nos.
  • Drill M/C:  1 Nos. (41mm)
  • Milling M/C: 1 Nos.
  • Surface Grinding M/C:  1 Nos.


Main Production Process:

  • In-house: Pressing, Tool Room.
  • Out-sourced: Plating, Powder Coating, Welding Spot & Projection Welding, and Tapping.
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